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We are a Peruvian firm

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We are a firm specializing in high-quality BPO services through our Contact Center. We offer efficient resource management, constant communication with our clients, and total dedication to their business objectives.

We aim to be a market leader in diversified BPO services at the regional and national level. We’re driven to provide quality, efficiency, and added value, positioning ourselves as the number-one strategic ally for our clients.

HDC BPO Services is a company offering high-quality strategic solutions, backed by years of experience in the field of BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and customer-management services.

Our firm is committed to:

  • Satisfying our clients and ensuring all work is up to specifications.
  • Fulfilling all applicable legal standards, as well as any other relevant norms.
  • Alotting necessary resources to develop high-quality management systems.
  • Providing all services efficiently and profitably.
  • Offering staff development to all personnel.
  • Preventing illness and accidents among our associates, providers, and visitors.
  • Encouraging input from our associates on issues of workplace safety.
  • Protecting the environment by minimizing pollution and maximizing efficient use of resources.
  • Offering a respectful, equitable, and discrimination-free workplace, with broad collaboration among associates.
  • Continuously improving our management systems.




We recognize the value of our clients as individuals, and are committed to treating them with respect, equity, and fairness. We also recognize their efforts vis-à-vis their business goals and personal growth.


We respect all our clients equally, and prohibit any discrimination on the basis of religion, sex, age, or any other factor.


We are committed to fulfilling our responsibilities in a timely manner.


We ensure client confidentiality in all information transmitted and received, in strict compliance with company responsibilities and all applicable laws.


HDC associates are trained to act honorably and responsibly, in concert with other associates and the company’s overall goals.


We prize our associates’ loyalty, promoting alignment between their goals and those of our firm, and valuing their individual contributions—personal as well as technical.


We are driven by passion for our work, and strive to exceed the quality standards of even the most selective clients.

Our team

Passion for what
we do is what unites us

We recruit top talent to make our clients’ goals a reality.

Sistema de gestión de la calidad – ISO 9001​

HDC BPO Services, ha obtenido su cuarto ciclo de re certificación ISO 9001:2015, a través de Bureau Veritas, multinacional dedicada al tema de auditoría y capacitación. Este reconocimiento se entrega a empresas, que tiene como objetivo garantizar la calidad de sus servicios.

Nuestro alcance de nuestro sistema de gestión de la calidad es para los: servicios de cobranzas, ventas y atención al cliente a través de actividades de negocios de Contact Center y BPO (Externalización de Procesos), basado en el enfoque de la mejora continua, nuestras áreas que se encuentran dentro del alcance del Sistema de Gestión de la Calidad de HDC son:

Homologación de proveedores con SGS​

HDC BPO Service, ha obtenido la certificación de Homologación de proveedores desde el año 2009, la cual actualiza año a año con uno de sus principales clientes; obteniendo el NIVEL “A”, lo cual evidencia que sus procesos están debidamente controlados, brindando seguridad y garantía a sus clientes contratantes.


COPC-2000® PSIC, es la norma especializada para la industria de call y contact center que contiene un conjunto de mejores prácticas globales diseñadas para reducción de costos, mejora de eficiencia, aumento de satisfacción del cliente con un importantísimo reconocimiento a nivel internacional y aplicado en los mejores centros de contacto del mundo.

HDC BPO Services en su afán de entregar una experiencia de alta performance a sus clientes tiene en curso la implementación de la metodología de la norma.

Our certifications
testify to the quality of our services

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