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Coinbase Vs Coinbase Pro

Logging in requires two-factor authentication to add an additional layer of security. There are several Bitcoin wallets to choose from, however, so be aware that Coinbase is just one of several options. As is consistent with the business model, Coinbase’s unique features center around accessibility for the first-time investor. Coinbase has user education built into its platform and mobile app, helping beginners learn about cryptocurrency. They incentivize the education by rewarding you with a small bonus amount of the currency if you complete the lessons hosted on the platform. Coinbase also educates its users by providing curated articles from around the web on the breaking news within the crypto space.


In January 2019, Coinbase stopped all trading on Ethereum Classic due to a suspicion of an attack on the network. In February, Coinbase announced that it had acquired «blockchain intelligence platform» Neutrino, an Italy-based startup, for an undisclosed price. Revenue grew 20% to €153 million (U.S.$173 million) in 2018 resulting in a net profit of €6.6 million. Operations accounted for nearly one-third of the company’s overall revenue and Reuters estimated that the company’s global revenue totaled «around $520 million» in 2018. In August, Coinbase announced that it was targeted by a sophisticated hacking attack attempt in mid-June. Coinbase’s security team detected and blocked the attack, the network was not compromised, and no cryptocurrency was stolen. We reviewed some integral features of both platforms, such as usability, fees, security and supported transaction types. Coinbase and Coinbase Pro are well-known cryptocurrency exchanges in the decentralized finance universe. While Coinbase is aimed at beginners due to its simplicity and user-friendly interface, Coinbase Pro is ideal for advanced and active traders. Both Coinbase and Coinbase Pro are cryptocurrency exchange platforms designed for buying, selling, and trading these currencies.

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The changes prompted a wave of criticism online, though the new fee structure remains in effect. It employs highest-level security standards and has never been hacked before. Besides, Coinbase offers regulatory security, too, since all its deposits are FDIC insured (up to USD 250,000 for U.S residents). The exchange also runs Coinbase Custody service for institutional clients seeking the highest level cold storage security for their crypto assets. Cryptocurrency traders can buy and sell bitcoin on Coinbase Pro.

It is calculated hourly and is charged daily for all hours in which you used leverage. The company develops an application programming interface for developers and merchants to build applications and accept payments in digital currencies. Coinbase Earn, a cryptocurrency learning platform that rewards users with small amounts of altcoins for watching videos and taking quizzes to learn about them. Coinbase, an app used to buy, store and trade different cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Litecoin. In May 2016, the company rebranded the Coinbase Exchange, changing the name to Global Digital Asset Exchange . Also in July, they announced they would halt services in August after the closure of Canadian online payments service provider Vogogo. In October 2012 the company launched the services to buy and sell bitcoins through bank transfers. Moreover, all accounts have biometric fingerprint logins and two-factor authentication.

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USD balances are FDIC insured (up to $250k).2FA via SMS or Google Authenticator app. Whitelisting pre-approved addresses.Types of transactionsBuy. In this guide, we examined the platform’s two account options and compared them based on features, fee structures, and supported currencies. Although Coinbase has higher fees, it’s built for people new to investing in cryptocurrency. Coinbase Pro offers more transaction types with lower fees, perfect for active traders. To begin trading, the investor will need to make a bank transfer or SEPA transfer to Coinbase Pro. Although investors can deposit any amount of real money to the cryptocurrency exchange, there is a withdrawal limit starting from $10,000 a day. The online platform accepts the US dollar, the British pound, and the euro.

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This coverage does NOT, however, extend to your cryptocurrency funds. An industry best practice, Coinbase and Coinbase Pro offer two-factor authentication via SMS or the Google Authenticator app. This makes logging into your account more secure and makes it less likely that hackers can gain access to it. Since your account login information for both Coinbase and Coinbase Pro are connected, they both offer the same security features. The second way involves logging in with your Coinbase account credentials that will automatically link the two and allow the transfer of funds between them. After the ID verification, you will be asked to link a bank account. You can skip this and come back to it later by selecting the Start Trading option.

pro coinbase trade

Coinbase Pro offers several options to buy and sell digital currency, such as limit orders, stop orders, and market orders. You can save money on buying and selling fees by using limit orders. This exchange has some of the lowest fees around for US and European investors (0.5% for taker or maker fees for the $0-10K tier). It’s even possible to buy digital currency without paying a fee to Coinbase Pro for them. Its quarterly trading volume is currently $327 billion with $255 billion in assets on the platform after going public through a direct listing on the Nasdaq exchange in April 2021. Coinbase Pro is a solid platform for active crypto traders who do a high volume of transactions. With their advanced charting and multiple trade options, it’s a great choice for managing your crypto portfolio. Add to that Coinbase Pro’s security features and FDIC insurance on USD deposits, this is a great platform for advanced crypto trading.

There are only a few trading options, so the interface boils down to a few buttons. Most investors are only interested in trading Bitcoin or Ethereum, but Coinbase Pro is the right platform if you want to trade any of the coins listed above. The charting tools can help you predict trends for any coin you’re interested in. You can figure out whether prices are increasing or decreasing, and you can gather information to make an educated guess on whether prices will rebound/fall off. Submit the required documentation and provide your https://www.beaxy.com/ best possible application. Each has its pros and cons and you should choose the exchange that best suits your trading strategy. Each exchange has its pros and cons and you should choose the exchange that best suits your trading strategy. Note that transactions above $200 are charged a percentage-based fee instead of a flat fee. Proof of residential address – a utility bill, bank statement, or a credit card statement . Just like Coinbase, Coinbase Pro is fully licensed and regulated in the U.S. and other supported countries.

Retail investors can pay higher fees for access to the Coinbase app’s simple and sleek interface. CoinbaseCoinbase ProFeaturesSimple interface Buy, sell, and exchange crypto. Advanced charting and analysis.Fees0.60% per trade, lower with volume. Some deposit and withdrawal methods incur a fee.0.60% per trade, lower with volume. Some deposit and withdrawal methods incur a fee.Number of cryptocurrencies supported170+170+Security features2FA via SMS or Google Authenticator app.


Both maker and taker fees can be applied to buy or sell orders; you may even get a mix of both. It’s a regulated company with high security practices, a simple and convenient interface and a decent amount of choice for those who utilize it. Transaction and trading costs on Coinbase range from 0.5% to 4.5% depending on the cryptocurrency, transaction size and payment method. BothCoinbaseand Coinbase Pro include FDIC insurance protection up to $250,000 per individual. That insurance is only available on customer funds held in cash. It is pass-through FDIC insurance from the accounts at banks where Coinbase holds its customer’s cash. This insurance only protects users in the case of cash loss because of a bank failure. At just $2, Coinbase has one of the lowest minimum balance requirements of any crypto exchange, which makes it an attractive choice for new investors. Coinbase — A simple mobile and website application for buying, selling and trading cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens.

  • Unlike some other wallets, the Coinbase Wallet uses two-factor authentication, making it a safe choice.
  • Ever since Coinbase Pro has become one of the largest U.S. exchanges in terms of both popularity and trading volume.
  • These addresses are saved in your address book, blocking any other addresses from accessing your funds.

Both options come with a wide range of video tutorials, guides and how-to articles to help crypto enthusiasts learn about market trends and stay updated. The Coinbase Pro app is available to customers in over a hundred countries worldwide. Trading with Zero fees on Coinbase & CoinbasePro An ultimate guide on understanding trading BTC, ETH, LTC with USD, EUR and GBP with ZERO fees on Coinbase Pro. All told, Coinbase has more than 95 cryptocurrencies available. Coinbase will inform you of your fees before you finalize your transaction. Coinbase is rolling Advanced Trading features into its basic service, but if you need them right away, Coinbase Pro might be your best bet. Coinbase may be best for buy-and-hold investors who want to purchase a currency and hold it for the long term. If you already have a Coinbase account you must use the same email address. Both Coinbase and Coinbase Pro will use your same login setting to access either platform. Investopedia requires writers to use primary sources to support their work.

Also, you can trade altcoins like bitcoin cash, litecoin, and ethereum, as well as other new coins listed on Coinbase Pro in a seamless and secure way. Historically, Coinbase’s basic service users have been incentivized to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using fiat currency such as U.S. dollars. While it is possible to trade cryptocurrencies for one another, Coinbase charges a fee to do that on its classic platform. Users of Coinbase Pro and the new Advanced Trading products on basic accounts pay up to 0.6% per trade, based on a maker-taker model that also provides discounts for high-volume traders. Coinbase Pro functions the same way, allowing users to deposit fiat funds and exchange them into cryptocurrencies. The main difference is that Coinbase Pro does not allow purchases via debit or credit cards.

Can you trade Coinbase and Coinbase Pro?

While it is possible to trade cryptocurrencies for one another, Coinbase charges a fee to do that on its classic platform. Coinbase Pro users, on the other hand, have been able to trade digital assets for one another in what is known as crypto-to-crypto pairs without the fees found on the basic service.

The jump was attributed to the increase in the price of Bitcoin over that time period. In May 2013, the company received a US$5 million Series A investment led by Fred Wilson from the venture capital firm Union Square Ventures. In December the same year, the company received a US$25 million investment, from the venture capital firms Andreessen Horowitz, Union Square Ventures , and Ribbit Capital. Olaf Carlson-Wee, a graduate from Vassar College, was hired as the first employee in the same year. Sign up for our daily newsletter for the latest financial news and trending topics. Want to start saving for retirement but have no clue where to start? A 2021 Bankrate survey found that 39% of adults haven’t invested in the stock market at all.

Is it better to sell on Coinbase or Coinbase Pro?

The biggest difference between the two platforms is their user interface. Coinbase offers a clean, simple way to buy and sell cryptocurrency with only a few options for placing orders. Coinbase Pro, on the other hand, gives users advanced charting and trading options, giving superior control for advanced traders.

Now, as Coinbase rolls out Advanced Trading more broadly, all users will be able to use crypto-to-crypto pairs. There are more than 80 trading pairs available on the Pro service, and the company says all pairs offered on Pro will be available for Advanced Trading. The investing information provided on this page is for educational purposes only. NerdWallet does not offer advisory or brokerage services, nor does it recommend or advise investors to buy or sell particular stocks, securities or other investments.

Should I transfer from Coinbase to Coinbase Pro?

If you can get past Coinbase Pro’s less friendly user interface, the upgraded exchange offers a variety of extra features and charting compared to Coinbase, which makes it the perfect choice for more active traders. One of the key differences between Coinbase and Coinbase Pro is the fees.

Once you’ve finished, you can add your credit card, debit card, or bank account. Coinbase and Coinbase Pro offer a wide variety of cryptocurrencies compared to digital exchange platforms like Gemini. However, Coinbase lags behind some of the best crypto exchanges, such as tradeallcrypto. It offers a better suite of tools that can help investors navigate the volatility of cryptocurrencies, and its pricing model is more cost-effective if you’re going to execute a larger usd to bitcoin number of trades. As mentioned earlier, cryptocurrency is generally not considered a buy-and-hold investment. It’s a volatile asset that carries more risk than individual stocks. For that reason, it may be safer to do short-term trades than to pour lots of money into a long-term holding. Coinbase Pro is better suited for that strategy because the transaction fees are so much cheaper. These extra features don’t make cryptocurrency a safer investment option.

Coinbase Earn allows you to earn crypto rewards when learning about different cryptocurrencies. Coinbase Pro may be the exchange for professional traders, yet it’s one of the easiest to use and navigate. The latest list of Coinbase Pro supported countries can be found here. Coinbase’s landing page received 20 million hits in one minute. Its iOS app jumped from #186 to #2 in overall downloads after the advertisement. Meta quipped «Hopefully this doesn’t break.» The Super Bowl which has been nicknamed the «Crypto Bowl» also featured commercials by tradeallcrypto, eToro, and FTX on the American telecast. Elon Musk is quite vocal about cryptocurrencies during events and especially on Twitter. Since he has invested heavily in crypto and is one of the wealthiest people alive, his views seem to drive the… With skyrocketing valuations, cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular. Find out which cryptocurrencies could be the next to explode in value in 2022.

The information presented is not intended to be used as the sole basis of any investment decisions, nor should it be construed as advice designed to meet the investment needs of any particular investor. Nothing provided shall constitute financial, tax, legal, or accounting advice or individually tailored investment advice. The interface is intuitive, and the app functions well, but there are a lot of buttons, charts, and information on display. The tools offered by Coinbase Pro can help you succeed if you’re going to employ that kind of investment strategy.

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