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How to Update Intel HD Graphics Drivers on Windows 10

There are a few different ways to update your processor software, and the method you use will depend on your specific processor model. In most cases, you can update your processor software through your computer’s BIOS or by downloading and installing updates from the manufacturer’s website. However, some processors may require that you update your software through a third-party program. Regardless of the method you use, it is important to make sure that you only install processor updates from a trusted source. However, not all CPU issues are solvable with software fixes. If your CPU simply can’t keep up with the games or programs you’re asking it to run, it may be time for an upgrade.

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Double click the downloaded file to Open the tool. So, since the PC didn’t drivers boot, I went once again into recovery mode and I edited GRUB with nano in the way you suggested, then I used the built-in function to update GRUB. Compatibility mode also disables other drivers such as internet access drivers. Sorry for the late reply, no I didn’t have any chance to install a new driver because the PC is unusable outside recovery mode. You may visit the manufacturer’s site to download the drivers.

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Right-click on your Intel Graphics and selectUninstall device. After updating the driver, see if the issue persists. If Intel Graphics Driver keeps crashing on your Windows 11/10 computer system, check out the following solutions to resolve the issue.

  • Some devices are considered class compliant and do not require additional driver installation because your Mac’s generic driver will work just fine.
  • However, Intel notes that OEM customizations are preserved when users upgrade with Intel drivers, while OEMs can maintain their customizations through Microsoft’s Windows Update process.
  • While your device will boot and function without the presence of Chipset Drivers, you’ll be locked out of quite a few features and some performance until you download and update your chipset drivers.

Hearst Newspapers participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. We provide all the latest news and reviews of Microsoft, Windows, Windows Phone, Surface and Xbox devices. Intel’s fixes will be rolled out to modern devices via Windows Update in the coming weeks or months, as this entirely depends on the OEM.

Step 1: Download and Run

Here you can download drivers for DisplayLink® USB graphics chipsets incorporated in your dock, adapter or monitor. We recommend to update to the latest driver to address any potential security issue, fix bugs, improve performance and add new features. But Intel cautions corporate customers against using its generic graphics drivers, which are for testing new features. Note that CRU will not work with these newer UWD/DCH drivers. You can uninstall previous Intel driver versions including those delivered via Windows Update.

Apparently the tool doesn’t recognize the graphics update so it will do everything but completely install the update. More to come later but I have no clue as to why the support program doesn’t recognize its own update. If you have older graphics hardware, bear in mind that it won’t be supported forever. Manufacturers eventually move older hardware to a stable driver release that they stop optimizing and updating. If your graphics hardware is five years old, it’s very likely that optimized drivers for it are no longer being released. How long your hardware is supported is up to its manufacturer.

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