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Get Your Home Office in Tip Top Shape

That includes photos, magazines, greeting cards, awards, plants, coffee mugs and souvenirs. You can still have some of these items in your office, just in a more remote place. Instead of using a desk lamp, put a freestanding light next to your desk, and aim it at your workspace. A great DIY option is to apply a paper covering to your cereal boxes. That’s a good idea to use cereal boxes to sort the file that you need to keep. I would want to have something a bit more professional looking, so I’ll have to take a look for something a bit nicer than cereal boxes.

home office organization tips

Plus, a set of lightweight desktop drawers works well as a catch-all for clutter. Instead of letting papers and photographs clutter your workspace, prop a bulletin board against the wall behind your desk. Have a favorite photo of your family framed so that you can hang it on the wall over your https://remotemode.net/ desk. Then you can still look at it every day without it taking up any extra room. Put your plants on a windowsill or on top of a filing cabinet, or hang them from hooks in the ceiling. Put a shelf behind or beside your desk to store your dictionary, calendar and any other books you use often.

Organizing The Master Closet – Home Organizing Challenge

For actual storage solutions for my office paperwork, I swear by an accordion file organizer. You can keep paperwork in it, and then at the end of the month or quarter, you can move the things you need keep into a filing cabinet. Your home office’s wall space is prime real estate for storage and organization tools. Rather than keeping your calendar, to-do lists, and file organizers on your desk, hang them on the wall! This will not only keep them visible, but it will help keep your desk clear so you can do your best work. Think about installing versatile cork bulletin boards, whiteboards, and memo boards.

How can I make my home office less depressing?

  1. Hang some decorative wall accessories.
  2. Work from the dog park.
  3. Grow a desktop garden.
  4. Let out your frustrations with a desktop punching bag.
  5. Buy some new office supplies.
  6. Brighten up your space.
  7. Experiment with laptop stands.
  8. Invest in a fun desk toy.

To maximize your home office space and, at the same time, add a bit of your personal touch to it, create your pegboard wall. Don’t panic just yet, I’m not going to ask you to knock off your entire wall and replace it.It’s easier than it sounds. All the pieces have a natural wood finish, making it super easy to customize it.Check out more pegboard organizing ideas here. Home office organization tips, home office organizers and home office organization ideas.

Automate Recurring Tasks

The beauty of a cubby system is that it’s naturally neat, symmetrical, and perfectly proportioned. Slide decorative storage baskets into cubbies to hide items small or items that would otherwise look disheveled. Save major surface space by using an adjustable floor lamp instead of a traditional desk lamp. Make your own bulletin board using foam board insulation and fabric. When you’re done, you’ll have the perfect place to pin all of your best ideas.

Use our simple organization rules and start your office organization plans today. home office tips Once everything is where they need to go, label your storage containers clearly.

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